What is coaching?

At Star Archiv we say that coaching is the art of asking questions to help other people, through learning, exploring and discovering new beliefs that result in the achievement of their goals.
Coaching is training in communication and leadership skills that promote self-knowledge and the person's contact with their environment.

Coaching services for companies

Coaching in companies

In our area of coaching for companies you will find a wide team of professional coaches experts in assisting organizations in the design of intervention programs at different levels: senior management, steering committee, middle managers and other staff, to get new ways of acting, more effective, aimed at achieving better results, not only of the leaders but also of the people you lead and those you serve.

We make intervention, consulting and advisory programs for this type of actions and we also accompany the monitoring and measurement of the impact of all these programs on the result of the organization.

Individual coaching processes

Individual coaching sessions, where to work together with one of our coaches, on personal and professional objectives. The objective of the Individual Coaching is to accompany the client -Coachee- so that he obtains for himself the results he wants to achieve. For this, the Executive Coach accompanies his Coachee in the discovery of blind spots, ineffective attitudes and skills to develop to achieve their objectives.

-Executive Coaching supposes first of all a learning process.

The Coach intervenes giving feedback, mirroring his Coachee and helping him to reflect. Through questions, the Coach achieves that his client:

Define more precisely what your objective is, where you want to go, where you should focus your effort and strategic leadership.

Analyze and question your beliefs, strategies, managerial skills, habits and unproductive behaviors.

Explore and discover new alternatives, options and possibilities -which you did not see before- and that can help you reach your goals. Take charge of what happens to you and redesign the commitments and actions that allow you to obtain the desired results.

-Strengthen your managerial skills and competencies and leadership.

The Coach accompanies the manager on the path of deepening himself to discover different possibilities, find answers and act accordingly to create new realities.

In a process of individual coaching, it is the client who directs their own learning, being responsible at all times for their decisions. It is he who decides and also chooses the level of commitment, and above all, who carries out the different actions that lead him to achieve his goals.

The Executive Coach does not provide opinions or solutions to his client, identifies and shows the obstacles that impede successful performance and encourages and causes the identification of new ways to overcome them.

Team coaching - Work team management

In this business coaching program, group and individual coaching sessions will be held with several members of a team, to work on their breaks, their commitment or confidence, aimed at achieving the common goal.

Team Coaching achieves greater cohesion and unity among the members of the teams by improving the coordination of actions, communication, confidence, leadership and managerial skills.

-Team coaching processes

The purpose of these processes is to accompany natural teams of work in the development of their performance, so that the result of the whole far exceeds that of the sum of the parts, during the actual meetings of the team.

The Team Coaching processes allow to align and join efforts to improve the coordination of actions and the management of conflicts.

The team coach pursues with his accompaniment the achievement of the cultural maturity of the organization, seeking to expand increasingly, the autonomy and commitment of team members.

The team coach accompanies by giving feedback and mirroring, helps with strategic reflection and trains the fluidity of the dialogue.

It focuses its attention on the relationships established between team members and the impact they have on the results pursued by the organization. From the careful observation of this network of relationships, the key learnings that enhance changes in the team emerge.

The coach helps the collective reflection without getting involved in this web of relationships, without taking control of the meetings or relieving their members of their responsibilities.

The team is the one that directs its own learning, maintaining at all times the control of its objectives, its methods and its way of operating.

Certification in executive coaching in company

The executive executive coaching certification "in company" allows you to incorporate new professional coaches to your organization from the moment the program ends.

Training of internal coaches in company, certified by ICF.

More and more organizations are betting on a different management of people, in which those responsible for development are not only HR professionals.

Train as Coaches to different profiles in a company is revealing a successful strategy, as it promotes a new style of leadership based on trust, commitment and effective coordination of actions to obtain results. And if in addition, the professionals who become certified as Coaches accompany their development to others internally, that new style soon becomes a new business culture, highly powerful.

We have extensive experience in adapting our Certification Program in Executive Coaching to the needs and availability of client companies, ensuring - as in our open calls - both the quality of the training and the learning of the participants.

As in the open editions, our Certification Program in executive coaching in company is divided into two parts: Cycle I and Cycle II. To receive the title of executive coach it is essential to take both. In this format, all the participants of the call are from the same organization.

Who is it for?

Both executives who wish to incorporate new leadership skills and competencies and those who wish to exert a posteriori as internal coaches. Entrepreneurs, Directors, Directors and Managers of Human Resources and other professionals with teams under their responsibility


Incorporate tools to improve the relationship with others.

Increase the ability to influence.

Improve performance.

Approach goals and objectives.

Enhance your own capabilities and those of other people.


All of our trainers are active executive coaches.

Class sessions in the dates and time frames that best fit the participants' agendas.

Internationally approved training in organizational coaching.


The sessions intersperse teaching sessions with dynamics, exercises and practices both individually and as a group.

Individual coaching sessions with a professional executive coach.

Experiential training

Learning is not only conceptual but experiential; the participants are putting into practice during the whole Program the coaching skills and competences that they are getting to know, in such a way that by experiencing them, at the end of the program they have incorporated and handled them with ease.